divyansha, the creator of the website.


Computer Science and Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Silchar
Silchar, Assam, India
Email: divyansha1115@gmail.com

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I am a fourth year undergrad student in National Institute of Technology, Silchar. Currently an intern at Serre's Lab at Brown university, Rhode Island, U.S.A under Prof. Thomas Serre. I did my third year intern at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt, Germany in the Connectomics department under Prof. Moritz Helmstaedter. I did my second year intern from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad under Dr. Suryakanth V. Gangashetty. I completed my schooling from Rukmani Birla Modern High School, Jaipur.

Research Interests

I am fascinated by Machine learning and Deep Learning and its integration with neuroscience. By making use of about 100 billion neurons, more than 100,000 km of interconnections, human has an estimated storage capacity of 1.25 × 1012 bytes. This is much less than gigantic capacities of artificial storage devices. Despite this, human brains perform manifolds better than any computer by using the numerous neural networks with a power consumption tenfold less than a personal computer. This paramount performance precision and efficiency instill in me, huge curiosity to study human brains in order to inspire a mathematical and statistical understanding of it and using that inspiration to redefine the meaning of ‘learning'.


A Hybrid Classification Approach using Topic Modeling and Graph Convolution Networks
Thoudam Doren Singh, Divyansha, Apoorva Vikram Singh, and Abdullah Faiz Ur Rahman Khilji
ComPE2020, IEEE
[ Code ] [IEEE]

Predictive Approaches for the UNIX Command Line: Curating and Exploiting Domain Knowledge in SemanticsDeficit Data
Abdullah Faiz Ur Rahman Khilji, Divyansha, and Apoorva Vikram Singh
Guide: Dr. Thoudam Doren Singh
Multimedia Tools and Applications,Springer
[ Code ][Springer]

Debunking Fake News by Leveraging Speaker Credibility and BERT Based Models
Divyansha, Apoorva Vikram Singh, Anubhav Sachan and Abdullah Faiz Ur Rahman Khilji
Guide: Dr. Thoudam Doren Singh
Accepted at WI-IAT,2020
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Towards Better Drug Repositioning Using Joint Learning
Apoorva Vikram Singh, Atul Negi [Divyansha(In Acknowledgement)]
2019 IEEE 16th India Council International Conference (INDICON)
[ IEEE ]

Electronic Health Record (EHR) based Patient Case Similarity
Apoorva Vikram Singh, Divyansha, Abdullah Faiz Ur Rahman Khilji, Anubhav Sachan
Presented in Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2019 organized by Ministry of Human Resource Development, India
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